Aging in Place & Home

Safety Assessments for all ages

We provide services that will allow people of all ages and abilities to stay at home longer and with more autonomy.

Home Modifications
Comprehensive home assessment looking at safety, function, and aesthetics. Our goal here is to make your home as accessible and safe as possible for your specific needs.
Fall Prevention Program
Our fall prevention program works with you on improving your function, and strength. Emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and improve safety within your home
  • Balance Training
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Strengthening
Self-Care Assessment
Self-care assessment includes looking at the activities you perform daily to identify areas we may improve function and autonomy
  • Self-Care Routine
  • Hobbies
  • Homemaking
Conditions making you more likely to fall
  • Weakness
  • Low Vision
  • Impaired Balance
  • Home Hazards or Obstacles
  • Medications

Useful Statistics

Each year 3 million older adults are treated for falls. Over 800,000 older adults are hospitalized a year for injuries resulting from falls. 1:5 falls ends in major injury