Thrive Occupational Therapy

Kaleigh Basta

Thrive Occupational Therapy is a practice founded by Kaleigh Basta providing virtual and in-person occupational therapy services in the Worcester and Middlesex regions of Massachusetts. Our services include home modifications, aging in place, dementia care and caregiver education, physical and functional rehabilitation.

Our mission is to provide patient-centered therapeutic services within your natural environment. We strive to bring you individualized care with compassion and patience. 

Occupational Therapist registered and licensed
Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist
Certified Aging in Place Specialist
Journey towards bettering lives

Kaleigh started this business with the dream of helping people in her community be as independent as possible within their homes. She graduated with her master's of science in occupational therapy from Ithaca College in 2018. Her professional practice has included the rehabilitation of adults in the skilled nursing setting and in the sub-acute care setting. She spent two years as an assistant director of rehabilitation at a nursing facility where she found a depth of knowledge and interest in running a business. Through her time in each position, she has held her passion has grown for working with individuals living with progressive diseases, and recovering from strokes. 

Kaleigh spends much of her time dedicating herself to learning more and being able to serve her community. She has worked to receive certifications in stroke rehabilitation and in aging in place. She saw the growing number of patients that would come in with falls at home or with strokes that severely impacted their abilities to return home independently. Seeing this her resolve hardened and pushed her toward filling this clear need in her community. In 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, Kaleigh’s mom moved in with her and was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Her mom became her second time job, after work she would spend time adapting her guest apartment to accommodate her mom best, and the other time spent building a stable routine for her. Kaleigh’s personal experience with caring for her mom and searching for services that were available made her realize the gap in assistance and education available for caregivers. 

Through personal experience and professional experience, Kaleigh identified three areas impacting the quality of life of those around her. She is thrilled to be able to provide these life-changing services to those in her community.